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Recruiters have to move with the new technology and best practices of the industry, to stay ahead and hire the best in the available IT talent pool. As a recruiter in the IT industry, it may be hard for you to define your recruitment strategy efforts. You have to maintain an employment brand that will help define your business’ Employee Value Proposition (EVP) to attract top candidates. Here are some tips for IT recruiters to get the best candidates lining up for their job postings. A good recruiter knows the importance of effective communication. One of the most important things to know is how to convey the job description through online forums. These days, online job forums have made the task easier but if recruiters are not able to represent their company in the correct way, they will never be able to reach the right candidate. This is the first step and you cannot afford to go wrong. If there is no proper online representation of the company, a comprehensive application process, and an overall lack of communication, you can lose the interest of many potential candidates. As a recruiter, you have to acknowledge the fact that top candidates have other options and you are not the only company that is hiring. The IT industry has become highly competitive in recent years. Managers are on the lookout for programming geniuses. Candidates are no longer lining up for a vacant posting. Instead, the recruiters have to work to get their attention. You have to act fast to make the application process easy and accessible so you do not miss any worthy candidate. Remember, if your recruiting process involves too many steps, it would not take long for the applicant to move on. So, if you do not want to lose your candidate, screen the applicants fast but with accuracy. Hiring the right people who fit the description is an essential part of the screening process. In order to save time for both recruiters and candidates, online tests are extremely helpful. If you feel any applicant is worth hiring, you can test them with online coding tests. It is a fast way of screening people for required technical skills and you do not have to waste any time setting updates for an in-house test. When looking for a software developer with certain programming knowledge, you must keep in mind that knowing a programming language is not enough. Even if you are not well versed in technology, there are certain things to keep in mind when hiring for technical positions. The people required for such a position need to have knowledge of the right frameworks, and libraries that are required along with the knowledge of the language itself. If the coder only knows how to code but not the knowledge of the environment built around a language, they will struggle to code in the language from scratch. When planning a screening test, make sure to test their knowledge of libraries and frameworks, which is required in any given situation, and not just when writing codes. You can test an applicant’s skills by creating a natural environment for them. This would enable them to perform better and you can get a better idea of what the coder is comfortable using. For example, you can give them a programming challenge within a given timeframe where they are allowed to use their favorite IDE. Make the task easier for yourself and the applicant by getting rid of the artificial barriers. You have to check their problem-solving skills so all you need to see is whether they can use the knowledge that is available to them to solve the programming challenge. You can even use your company’s codebase to test their skills. From there, you will be able to judge if the applicant is suited for the job and would be able to use their skills within the company environment. Another tip for recruiters is to get proper references for an applicant. Many people appear great on paper but they do not actually turn out to be completely true about their skills and certification. Background checks are therefore hugely important so get in touch with past employers. You should double-check all the references the applicants provide because they can be sometimes fake. Hopefully, these tips will help you stay ahead of the recruitment process so you can find the top candidates for the postings you have advertised.