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Committed to deliver excellence in recruitment through our world class talent delivery centers in INDIA and USA

From Virtual Recruiters, On-Demand RPO, Specialized RPO to End to End RPO solutions, RPOEDGE has every recipe ready to feed any small or big talent appetite. Partner with us to experience the real power of outsourced recruitment.

RPOEDGE is a leading edge Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) Company with a vision to revive quality recruitment with maximum efficiency at affordable cost. With RPOEDGE, you get uninterrupted, reliable and committed service channeled through expert strategy, best practices, experienced team and cutting edge technology which is scalable and flexible to adapt and meet any challenge in recruitment.

RPOs are often considered risky as they may lead to reduced control and flexibility and increased inefficiency within the recruiting function but we are here to change that forever. Our fully experienced and dedicated offshore Recruiters are always under your direction and communication and would work exclusively for your company – integrating seamlessly with your company and performing the same duties as an onshore recruiter, but at a significantly lower cost.

Small, Medium or Large, we have packages to suit every business. Whether you’re a large organization looking for an End-to-End RPO Solution or a small consulting company looking for a handful of Recruiters to work on your requirements, we have solutions to meet your ultimate success and satisfaction.

We have something to be proud of!


Avg. Cost Savings / Hire

Achieved significant cost savings over agencies, job boards or advertising while still operating efficiently.


Full-Time Staff

Highly motivated employees, always one step ahead to support you (end-to-end) in all phases of recruitment cycle.


Global Talent Database

Strongly growing internal talent database of highly skilled potential candidates for true competitive advantage.


Avg. TAT / Hire

Accelerated recruitment workflow to close any job order with the best talent and within the shortest turnaround time.

Our Values

At RPOEDGE our core values are at the heart of our business


We strive to earn enduring credibility with others, which we believe is essential to long-term business relationships.


We gain the trust of others through respect and collaboration, integrity, loyalty, accountability, and keeping commitments.


We are committed to deliver the highest quality of service, coming up with solutions that exceed far customer expectations.

Why customers choose us ?

Consistence to exceed expectations, aim to establish long-term relations, focused leadership and world-class service with transparency, honesty and mutual collaboration have made us a trusted partner for our clients worldwide

  • Upto 75% of guaranteed savings on avg. cost-per-hire
  • Instant access to pool of highly experienced Recruiters
  • Improved Hiring Manager & Candidate satisfaction
  • Tailor made recruitment services based on unique hiring needs
  • Scalable resources to meet high demand
  • Leading-edge technology infrastructure at Zero Cost
  • Affordable pricing to suit every business size
  • Substantially reduced avg. TAT per hire & On-boarding
  • Eliminates the need of internal HR or recruiting team
  • Enables access to passive and hidden candidates
  • On-demand Pay-As-You-Go model with no long-term commitment
  • Save recurring costs on Job Boards and Resume Database Systems
  • Measurable results with real-time reporting & analytics
  • Enables you to focus on core business activities

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