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Short-Term & Accelerated RPO Solution with full RPO benefits

On-Demand RPO Solution is a short-term and project-based solution with no fixed cost, which can be scaled back or “turned off” offering you the ultimate flexibility and cost control. This is best for customers who are not hiring all year long or do not have enough bandwidth to support high-volume hiring in a particular project, disciplines, or geographies. This solution optimizes performance and maximizes our client’s ROI.

Switch On / Switch Off Anytime!

Hiring for a new project or struggling with bulk requirements? Look no further. We offer a ready to deploy full cycle RPO solution which is easy to switch off when you no longer need it.

Solution Overview

On-Demand RPO provides a level of flexibility and scalability that meets your organization’s changing hiring needs. Whether you are hiring for a new division, a new project, or a new location, we bring you a complete scalable recruiting department at your fingertips. Within days of implementation, the client begins to receive a rapidly increasing pipeline of viable candidates that will quickly help to reduce the backlog of openings. Once the peak hiring demand is satisfied, our team goes into standby mode and is at-ready to deploy when a new peak or hiring project occurs. RPOEdge On-Demand services are offered on a monthly flat fee basis without any long-term contractual commitments. There is no fixed overhead or retainer fee for zero hiring time.We believe in becoming a long-term strategic partner for your business, helping you meet your hiring needs and business targets by getting you the best talent possible when you need it most. That is why we start with a pilot program to let you evaluate our performance.

Through our pilot program, you can measure our performance based on:

1) time is taken for each step of the recruiting process.
2) the quality of hire
3) hiring manager satisfaction and
4) increase in operational efficiency.

Our dedicated recruiters and account managers ensure seamless, consistent, and predictable recruiting performance for every stakeholder. On-Demand solution provides the ultimate ability to align hiring costs to hire needs in real-time while ensuring recruit-to-hire process predictability and transparency for every job.

How “On-Demand RPO” works?

Manage high volume but short-term recruiting needs with quick ramp-up, ultimate flexibility, and cost control.

Requisition or “job description” is an essential component of any successful recruitment process. For recruiters and potential candidates, it should be clear and well defined. This process ensures that our team understands every requirement thoroughly and source for the right match from the beginning. The process further involves the following elements

– Requisition Tracking and Development

– Requisition Advertising/Posting on Portals and Social Media

– Requisition Distribution Workflow

Sourcing the ideal candidates requires technical as well as a functional understanding of the requirement. This process starts with de-briefing the recruiters about mandatory skills and required documentation so they hit the right candidate every time. Our recruiters are technically qualified and trained to perform Semantic Sourcing, Boolean Sourcing, Head Hunting, Matching industries, geographies, current/past job titles, total experience, and education. The process requires a great deal of communication, soft-skills, repeated follow-ups, and relationship building skills to achieve what is desired and we as a team make sure that it’s done the right way. The process further involves the following elements:


  • Portal Sourcing (Dice, Monster, CareerBuilder, Indeed)
  • Social Media Sourcing (Linkedin, Google)
  • Active and Passive Sourcing
  • Executive Sourcing (C Level, VP, Director)
  • IT Sourcing (Architect, PgM, PM, BA, Developer, Designer, QA, etc.)
  • Non-IT Sourcing (Office Admin, Clerk, Nurse, Accountant, Electrician, etc.)
  • Local Sourcing (State or County Specific)
  • Global Sourcing (National or International)
  • Applicant Tracking
  • Resume Database Management

Pre-Assessment and Screening are both parts of candidate sourcing but we take it to the next level. making sure everything aligns perfectly while filtering the best candidates for your requirements. The process includes a series of the questionnaire and mandatory background checks for confirming the candidate’s eligibility to fit the job. We even help the candidate to enhance or tailor his/her resume before it reaches the final interview. Below are the steps followed in the process:


  • Mandatory Skills Screening
  • Language & Communications Screening
  • Relocation/Travel flexibility Screening
  • Work Visa/Permit Eligibility Screening(Citizen, H1b, GC, EAD, TN, F1, OPT, etc.)
  • Mandatory Education and Certifications Screening (Current or Expired)
  • Salary Negotiation
  • Resume Grooming
  • Background Checks (Employment, Education, Criminal, Etc.)

Job interviews are not easy to manage amongst the storm of jobs targeting the same candidates. Skype/Video and Telephonic interviews are very common and accessible but making sure the candidate is still interested in the job and has not accepted any other offer in between requires regular follow-ups and persuasion skills. The experienced, rare, and hard to find talent are always between offers and need to be aggressively reminded or pursued if any client needs them desperately. Our team makes sure that we keep the communication running until the final interview. Our Interview Management process involves the following elements:


  • Scheduling Client Interviews (Phone, Skype, Web or In-person)
  • Calendar Invites
  • Reminders, Follow-ups
  • No-Show Tracking
  • Interview Feedbacks

A background check is a valuable tool for selecting the right candidate fit every time. When used consistently, this simple step can eliminate many future problems for the company. In general, the process takes place after initial applicant screening procedures are complete and an employer has made a conditional job offer. Once the process is underway, employers should not permit the new employee to begin working until the background check is complete. Variety of Background Checks includes:


  • Educational Degrees / Certifications
  • Motor Vehicle Reports
  • National Criminal Search
  • National Sex Offender Search
  • Professional References
  • Credit Reports

After a successful interview, comes onboarding which usually requires a lot of back-end work. Our specially trained on-boarding specialists take care of all necessary post-hire documentation and communication from drafting offer letters to new hire orientation. At this stage, our team is in constant communication with the new hire until he/she understands and agrees to all client’s terms and conditions. We follow a strict procedure for successful on-boarding to avoid any conflicts in the future. Our on-boarding process involves the following steps:


  • Purchase Order Approval
  • Post Offer Background Checks Reports
  • Back Office Paperwork (Master Agreement, Benefits, Insurance)
  • New Hire Orientation/Training
  • Transition Assistance (if required)