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Hire Expert Virtual Recruiters loaded with best recruiting skills

RecruiterNow is a virtual recruitment platform by RPOEdge that provides direct access to the large pool of offshore recruiters and recruiting infrastructure at their immediate disposal. Armed with best-recruiting tools and technology, our virtual team can save huge costs and time while still delivering a world-class recruitment experience, better than your own in-house recruitment, that’s our guarantee!

Recruitner Now

Dedicated Recruiters, Cancel Anytime!

Give your seasonal hiring a much-needed speed with instantly available on-demand recruiters. No more paying for idle time. No more bills for job boards, training, or set-up. We have it all covered for you.

Solution Overview

With technology in IT changing quickly, recruiting high-caliber candidates can be a challenging task. Many small and big companies are struggling to control their recruiting cost while staffing agencies, HR training, job board subscriptions, and recruiting tools are eating into profits. RecruiterNow is the perfect solution for any organization with a low recruiting budget and temporary requirements without compromising the good benefits of owning an internal HR team. Through this program, RPOEdge provides dedicated virtual recruiters with ready access to the very best recruiting infrastructure like access to major job portals, highspeed internet, high-end VoIP phones, and leading Applicant Tracking systems. Extend your recruitment team by adding our recruiters who work “as part of your team”. Each Recruiter will represent you and your organization. Our recruiters have experienced in sourcing the right candidates with the right technical and functional experience, different geographic regions, and business domains. Our virtual recruiters are based out of INDIA and have experience working with IT requirements through full-cycle recruiting (executive search, screening, scheduling, interviewing, background verification, managing the hiring manager relationship, negotiating, employment branding, benefit, and culture questions, offer extension, follow through after the candidate is hired). Available in 24hrs. rotating shifts, our recruiters can work in global time-zones which results in an increase in productivity and reduce the overall turnaround time in hiring.

How “Recruiter Now” works?

Virtual Recruiters will:

When to Choose Recruiter Now?


No or/ Limited HR Bandwidth


Part-Time Hiring


Temporary Hiring


Limited Budget


Tight Deadlines


Short-Term Requirement

Benefits of “Recruiter Now”