How Recruitment Process Has Changed and Transformed to Covid 19

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Recuitment Process-Covid-19
If you are one of the few companies still hiring in the middle of this pandemic, you are probably to do it in another technique. The way organizations hire staff has basically changed forever, here are just a few ways we have witnessed the difference happen quickly in just a recent couple of weeks and expect even more changes to come over the upcoming few months. A Different Candidate Pool The first difference we have seen is how companies are finding applicants. Because of social distancing, many companies are reviewing their national or global advertising, limiting their geographic search. Social distancing may be positive for internal candidates, a large number of whom are getting a closer look. Workers (freelancers, independent contractors) may find themselves with more opportunities, as companies may look to these candidates to overcome any issues, as staff have been furloughed and cannot work, Lots of companies are putting permanent roles on pause, filling interim roles instead. A Different Interview Process Prior to lockdown and working from home is now being implemented widely, we have noticed a change in interview patterns. This has since ramped up even further the whole interview procedure changing, going from in-person to video platforms like Zoom, face-to-face interviews don’t exist anymore! While this would have laughed at just a couple of months ago this is now the new standard Companies have various cultures and attitudes and how a company adapts its interview process can be a major clue to its culture, Some companies are deferring people’s start dates, particularly inside retail where offers have been made but stores are closed by accommodating different comfort levels, companies are not just saying they have a good culture; they’re showing it.” A Different Way of Onboarding Staff This is a totally different standard to what most of us have ever known or could have dreamt possible, once a candidate is hired, the onboarding process is becoming. Onboarding is a key factor in an employee’s initial approach to a company and at this time is vital to keep the employee engaged and give the right impression of your company. Onboarding is about bonding and managing emotions day today, and when you’re dealing with working remotely, it creates a challenge. Some companies are using Virtual Reality (VR) technology to give candidates a visit through the workplaces. Clear information, orders, and strong leadership are also essential at this time, which is why it is important at this time to have a decent HR team in place. Will This Spark Long-Term Changes? How people work changed overnight, will these new procedures and ways of working become permanent? Previously most companies would not engage remote working, and now every company needs to embrace this. Interviewing and hiring staff has changed and we all have to put a lot more trust into our workers, and they, in turn, have to learn to be more disciplined, self-sufficient, and self-motivated. Managers need to learn new skills in how they motivate and engage with their staff, nothing has prepared us for this new way of working, some will rise to this new problem and others may not. Today is the new tomorrow -what it resembles none of us truly know, however, we have all needed to go out on a limb a fast and look to the future, embrace the new way of working and change our regular habits in behavior, some companies will flourish and better approaches for working and new technologies will emerge. Over the next 6-12 months, the recruiting landscape will look totally different.