Common Outsourcing Myths Shattered

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Outsourcing offers a range of advantages to small and medium businesses but even today executives organizations are hesitant to outsource because there are a number of myths and misconceptions about outsourcing going around. To make things easier for you, let’ shatter some common myths associated with outsourcing:

Cultural Barriers Make Outsourcing Difficult

One of the most common myths is that language and culture can become a barrier while outsourcing. The biggest advantage of outsourcing for your business is you can get the talent from anywhere around the world at only a fraction of the cost of what you would be paying in-house. Most of these outsourcing agencies have staff that has experience working with foreign businesses and are familiar with the business culture. Along the way, you may experience some cultural nuances that would affect how you normally conduct business but they are never big enough to jeopardize your business.

Lower Costs Means Quality of Work Would Be Compromised

This is another myth similar to the previous one that comes with hiring people from another part of the world. Sometimes, the costs at which you can outsource your work seem too good to be true. So, you may assume the quality wouldn’t be as good as you want. But the cost-effectiveness is what makes it so ideal. Don’t let it hold you back from outsourcing. It’s just that the wages in developing countries are lower compared to the developed world. There are many professionals in the industry who will work for you at a low cost but there is a lot of competition in acquiring the best employees because many foreign companies want to outsource to these countries. You should select a service provider that has a proper recruitment process to hire the best talent for your company.

Data Security Would Be Compromised

Data security is the biggest priority for every business, especially those that deal with large volumes of data. Many in the industry argue a company’s data is secure if it is stored on hard drives located on the company’s premises. This obviously makes outsourcing a risky option. Service providers care about your data as much as you do and they want to keep it secure so that their reputation doesn’t suffer. They take full responsibility for the security of data and take the necessary measures to ensure there are no mishaps. This may include using off-site data storage, such as on the cloud.

Outsourcer Cannot Support Our Specialized Applications

One of the toughest arguments against outsourcing is that service providers cannot help companies with specialized apps. Many organizations need fast IT support which requires a specialized help desk for their clients. This is why companies prefer to have in-house employees deal with such services. But, these days,’ outsourcers also help with the help desk service by providing specialized resources. In fact, they will make the necessary arrangements in terms of personnel to ensure the specialized applications can be supported. Hence, you need not worry about the vendor’s capabilities. You can just outsource and they will handle the rest.

Outsourcing Is an Option for Big Firms Only

Many people in the IT industry seem to think that service providers’ first priority is to cater to large organizations and don’t provide cost-effective solutions for small firms. However, in the recent decade, many service providers who specialize in providing IT services to midmarket companies have emerged. These new service providers are almost as efficient as their counterparts who cater to the needs of large firms and are more cost-efficient. You don’t have to worry as these outsourcers have proven track records and are reliable and dep.