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Even with unemployment hovering close to 10 percent in many countries, many organizations as we know are having a hard time finding and retaining the talent necessary not only to extract value from investments in such areas as big data and enterprise mobility, but also to undertake everyday IT operations with the required quality, security, and efficiency. These companies are also struggling to get the most out of their existing talent. While they have staff with specific IT skills, they often lack stars who can solve thorny problems that span multiple technology domains and engage business managers on topics such as technology innovation.

Integrating new talent in a technology organization (or any other organization) costs money and, more important, is time-consuming and risky, particularly at the management level. Screening candidates, conducting interviews, negotiating employment terms, and getting a new hire up to speed in his or her role can take six months or more, even for a mid-level manager. Naturally, great recruiting capabilities are a must. A total talent acquisition approach like an RPO, where both contingent and permanent hiring find inclusion under one single, integrated hiring program, can answer some of these needs.

RPOEdge creates custom Recruitment Process Outsourced (RPO) solutions that give our clients a competitive edge and enables businesses to meet their toughest hiring challenges by improving hiring quality, aligning a workforce strategy to the overall business strategy and utilizing internal and external talent to ensure optimum performance.

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